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  Simple steps for you to sleep deeply


We spend almost third our lives in sleep. You have stress and fatigue throughout the day, and therefore can no longer sleep well.  Since good sleep and rest can help you accomplish your duties on, we collected the following different ways to help you sleep deeply:

How to sleep deeply:

1 : Exercise
You can get rid of fatigue and stress by practicing simple exercises before going to sleep, such as yoga or walking, which helps you to relax and at the same time do not stimulate your body.

2 : Cleaning
Surveys proved that people living in chaos are more likely to get distressed than others. So cleaning makes you less tense, and relieve stress; in addition that waking up in a clean house makes you feel at ease and peace.

3: Computer games instead of TV
Studies have shown that watching TV until the late hours of the night cause insomnia; it is advisable to replace TV with computer games that do not need a mental effort. They also help you to learn new simple skills.

4 : Warm bath
Fill the bathtub with warm water, and leave your body and your mind away from any tension or nervousness, which helps you feel comfortable and you can get a deep sleep. Read also: 18 intangible gifts to give to yourself

5 : Massage
You can use a massage to ease tensions and have a comfortable feeling; for this we recommend using your spouse to massage you before going to sleep, or you can do it yourself using massage tools which help you sleep faster and feel a sense of comfort.

6 : Write daily diary
Writing daily diary contribute to releasing stress and nervousness, and also helps to solve the problems and difficulties that you experience throughout the day. It helps you re-examine and get rid of the problems of today so you start the following day actively and in a positive frame.

7: Meditation
Meditation helps relieve physical and mental stress; it also makes you feel mental peace.

8: Avoid these habits to enjoy a quiet sleep:
• Do not take caffeine after 2:00 PM.
• Do not engage in conflicts or stressful conversations.

• Avoid activities that stimulate the mind "financial transactions - TV programs 

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