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10 secrets to achieve success 


To achieve success, you need to learn about the following success secrets shared by most successful people. 

1. Start your day early: The early bird catches the worm. Yes, it is true! If you don't know how to manage your sleep and can't sleep early read this article: Simple steps for you to sleep deeply

2. An important tip to achieve success is to arrange your priorities: Ask yourself what the most important things to do now? What are the things that make me happy? And begin your day with these tasks. 

3. Start with the difficult tasks: Avoid delaying them so they don’t get more difficult for you.

4. Look for weekly best hours of the day to do the most important things: there are hours in the day (often early morning hours) when you are more active mentally and physically, do not waste those precious hours in frivolous things.

More secrets to success:

 5. Identify time thieves (enemies of success): Write down a list of things that waste your time, such as excessive internet browsing, or some phone calls, or arguments, etc., and minimize them as much as you can.

6. Practice some exercise. Maintaining a healthy body should be on your list of priorities. Not only, a sound mind is in sound body, but also your body is the vehicle that carries you and to reach where you want you need to feed it well and take care of it. 

7. Eat a healthy breakfast so the whole day would be a success: Eat a balanced meal, integrated nutrients from fruits and vegetables, protein and grains, provide you with the necessary energy to an actively communicative day.

 8. Express your love for your spouse and, children, and family: there is no doubt that you will feel happy when you see the smile on their faces. With simple things you can leave a big impact in the hearts of those you love.  Read also: How to be happy at work?

9. Communicate with positive people, and share your success dreams with successful people. Some people make you feel enthusiasm and optimism, and some of them make you feel frustration and pessimism. Try to draw closer to you type I and avoid type II as much as possible, and of course be a Type I person.

10: Ten minutes of positive thinking: wake up only 10 minutes earlier, and before you are engaged in anything, sit by yourself and think about all God’s blessings in your life, feel and enjoy the wonderful sense of inner peace,  gratitude and success. 
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