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18 intangible gifts you give to yourself

Gifts to give to yourself

You have so much stress from work, personal life, car driving, etc ... You really have to please and pamper yourself! You don't need to spend money for refreshment. Sometimes the simplest walk can do miracles to your mood. Read on to find out the best gifts to give to yourself.

1. Feel love for yourself!  Simply love what you see in the mirror. Accept yourself as you are. You don’t have to lose pounds or do anything to love yourself. Just feel the love for yourself first, and then pay more attention lovingly to your appearance and health.  Read also: How to Love Yourself Again?

2. Learn to release emotions correctly. If most of the time your mood is unstable, maybe you are distressed and you lock your emotions inside. It is totally okay to close your eyes and cry for some time to release all the stress and negative energy. Keeping it inside you doesn’t help you. 

3. Another nice one of gifts to give to yourself is to get organized. You do not need to scrub floors and windows from morning till evening to be organized (by the way, that's a good exercise). Sort out your wardrobe. Having everything is its place offers great help to concentrate. 

Psychologists note: if a man’s life is going on in a lot of confusion, the simplest act of wardrobe organizing gives him a sense of balance and order. (Or maybe you will find nice clothes, which have not been wear long time ago, but they are very useful for you right now!!) 

4. Do not indulge in details. It is very often when people argue for quite trivial things, and it is so important for them to win! But you really lose more than you get out of this. Conflict burns a lot of energy. When you notice that your emotions are "about to burst out ", remember that a good smile is more conquering and captivating to hearts than conflict. 

5. Take a Walk outside. Lunch breaks are designed for refreshment and relaxation, rather than sitting in the workplace. A tiny outdoor exercise gives a second breathe, and makes you work more productively.

6. Remember your loved ones. Yes, you are very busy, and communication with people is not that strong. However, every person in need of support and who better gives support than relatives? Remember to call your parents and friends.

7. Give time for books. Of course, it is great to read magazines and detective fiction, but do not forget the classics. Reading those books makes you realize that the classics are relevant to today than ever before, and sometimes it helps to perfectly solve personal problems. 

8. Create more space. Get rid of the various antiquities and unnecessary items that has not long been used, and the new will come to replace the old ...If you do not change anything in your life, your positive energy and innovation may not be well reached.

9. Set goals to yourself. Planning helps you to understand perfectly what you really want. Think about what might improve your quality of life, and how to do this? When you're completely alone, listen to yourself and your desires.

10. Upgrade your communication skills. What do you know about your friends, their hobbies, childhood? Not so much. Because man is still likes to talk about himself. Listen and ask questions - for others it will be very nice.

11. Invite Guests. But do not sit together complain and moan about life difficulties (or those problems trash). Talk about latest movies, events, trips. You will leave them in a good mood, and they'll appreciate you for this.

12. One of other gifts to give to yourself is to consult a psychologist. You cannot tell everything to tell your friends. The internet offers excellent psychologists, or search near you for some of them. They can find you good solutions for your problems and give you good advice.

13. Learn a foreign language ​​or anything else. It develops your memory; and you will become an interesting conservationist. Languages ​​also open up new career and personal life horizons.

14. Find your favorite scent. Scents have unique features – they awaken memories and associate with most pleasant moments.

15. Go to bed earlier. After you sleep, you feel like you are reviving and coming back to life. Healthy sleep also will give your face a more beautiful color.

16. Praise yourself. Perhaps your skills and talents seem quite insignificant, especially when compared to others, but those who are improving their knowledge, always reach a positive outcome. Make a list of your strengths, and from time to time peek into this list.

17. Remember to eat at home. Suitable for those who are unable to go to the gym, and food at home is healthier.

18. Enjoy the pleasant moments of waiting. If you bought a box of sweets or a new novel, keep them for later. Sometimes waiting can be very much enjoyable. 

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