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Gratefulness Definition: The enormous energy for free!

 What are things to be grateful for? What is grateful definition at the first place?  
Let's explore together the enormous power of gratefulness.. and it is all for free ! 

Grateful definition: 

According to Oxford English Dictionary,  being grateful means to feel or show an appreciation for something done or received.

There are several ways to make the one who imagines himself weak stronger than Superman,only when he thinks of things to be grateful for because he has tremendous power inside, a powerful force, but he does not know how to use it in his favor or in favor of all the people on this beautiful planet.


Start each day with a grateful heart,

Things to be grateful for:

Once you use the powerful force of gratitude, it will turn your life - no matter what conditions you are experiencing, - into a series of miracles. Only through giving thanks and gratitudethank the Lord, thank your parents, your brothers, your family, your country, the time you are in, the sky, the sea, the air, thank your loaf of bread, your house, your clothes, your bed, thank everything and anything.

A beautiful book titled “Learn to dance in the rain (the power of gratitude)” by Vivian Green speaks about the power of gratitude, and things to be grateful for. “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass .. but to learn how to dance in the rain! ..” says the author.

The true understanding of the power of gratefulness can change your life forever

When there are clouds and rain .. I appreciate the moisture that gives my hair soft rolls.
When there is sun .. I raise my head to feel the warmth on my cheeks
When there is fog .. I hug my jacket around me .. I offer thanks to the cold veil of mystery that makes the ordinary thing looks different and interesting.
When there is snow .. I rush out to grab the first snow on my tongue .. I delightedly taste the ice miracle!

Life events and experiences are like weather .. they come and go, it does not matter which is the best if you decided to enjoy it .. In fact, there is time for every goal under this sky... Each chapter is unique in his own way and gives his own gifts when you give thanks and gratitude ...

Don’t link giving thankfulness to a material goal to be achieved in your life, because the heart who is ungrateful will remain the same in all conditions. You can get rid of any painful circumstances by giving thanks and feeling gratefulness to God in every moment, and the blessings of God are countless. Don't look for perfection to feel grateful. This article tells you not to look for perfection to be happy: 

God says: If you give thanks, I will give you more.

This fact contains one of the secrets to happiness, success and contentment. God is saying to us, “I shall impart this simple secret to you if you are wise enough to listen.”

The secret: “All you have to do is be thankful to Me for what I have given you, and oh-so-much-more will come your way. All you have to do is to thank Me, and your provisions will come to you; you need not worry about overburdening yourself and spending sunrise to sunset seeking your provisions (although of course you should work but without worry),just give Me thanks and praise Me for what you already have and I will give you more!”
Everything is energy and that's all there is to it, Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Psychics. Albert Einstein 
There are two aspects of gratefulness:

First: The gratefulness for the spiritual attributes that you enjoy such as the purity of the soul and purity of heart and lighted thought.

Second: The gratefulness for all material blessings and good things that God is giving you at every moment.

When we are grateful, everything changes even in difficult times.

The gratitude fills our hearts with happiness and compassion, and allows us to see the truth. This gives us the power to take sound decisions. Through your grateful heart to God, he will guide you to the right path and the right steps to take and give you all blessings that you call for. 

Permanent thanks giving, and gratefulness makes you connected to God at every moment - makes you a magnet to success and happiness. It is a great behavior that implies a full faith in God, his oneness and his ability and perfection, and a full belief in God’s grace and his absolute kindness. Read also: How to Be Successful in Life and Death in 10 Steps?

Finally, feel things to be grateful for and let the real giving of thanks comes out from your heart. Feel the sound of gratefulness echoing in all your body as if it is wind blowing inside all your being with serenity and peacefulness.

 and you what are you grateful for today ? 

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