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How to forget work during holidays?

How to forget work during holiday? Imagine you are sitting by the sea, golden sun rays, blue sky ... Or in the green forest surrounded by the beautiful scent of grasslands ... your pale skin finally got sunshine where there is no need for any rush, or you do not have to get up early. It would seem like what could possibly be better? The body is totally relaxed, but still there is a glimpse of ideas like: "It's interesting, but is everything OK now at work? Was the contract approved? What if they did not find in my desk the necessary documents? .. And suddenly: the sky is not as blue, the smell of herbs is not so delicious..


What is this status called? This phenomenon is called days off syndrome.

     Why this happens?
Why a person can't enjoy his holiday ? The question is simple yet complex, and the answer is implied in your way of life. How long does a normal person spend at work? For a standard employee, it is from 8 to 14 hours if we add the trip to work. We will find out that work occupies about two-thirds of most people total life time.. Read also: How to be happy at work?

     Statistics show that workers with families are involved in professional activities less than singles. Why? It is easy to explain: A single person spends the weekend watching TV, reading books, newspapers ... or thinking about work or even working part time (well, if he has friends, he’ll go out to have fun with them and enjoy his holiday, but that's only in the evening). The idea of a typical weekend actually scares him – and the concept of "doing nothing!" He wants only one thing - that soon Monday would come, when he’ll again become busy with people.

     How to combat this?

     The first way - fall in love and not only you will enjoy your holiday, but also you will enjoy your whole life.. Love (or at least resort to novels) – this is a very strong therapeutic tool that allows a person to return to more domestic themes, breathe more fresh air and exercise in long evening walks, or write blogs. This reduces intellectual tension and makes you start thinking Humanities and improves mood (a means of improving the whole well-being).

     The second way – do a handicraft: such as repairing an old motorcycle; go to grandmother's house to repair the roof; or pick up mushrooms and berries – the idea is to do hand work which helps reducing emotional tension.

      The third way - read some entertaining content of books in a row. "Smooth content" books usually leaves a deep impression in the memory, and eliminate the effect of the oppressive work information.

     The Fourth way – Engage in a variety of entertainment methods and high physical activity which will completely disconnect you from thoughts of work: scuba diving, windsurfing, paragliding, jet skis, canoeing, rafting, sailing, climbing, etc. All of these activities are very stimulating to a higher achievement motive.

     If a person lives without a job, sooner or later he will lose his life goal. Therefore, with a job (even the most loved profession), you must always have something else very important and valuable. The second pillar will teach you to feel confident and enjoy the simple, everyday things, without which life becomes without any rest. So enjoy every minute f your holiday.

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