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Esteem Building Series - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children? 

Part 3

Esteem Building Series Part 3 - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

71. Develop some family habits to increase the stability of the family which make your children happy. They will remember and keep these habits when they grow up.

72. Do not show great concern when your child spends a lot of time in coloring and drawing. 
 73. Mark your child tells you a bedtime story from time to time.
74. Blink your eye to your son if the two of you share a secret together
75. Have a family password so your children will use if any stranger told them they are going to bring them to their parents so as not to get kidnapped.
76. Agreed on a plan with your children before going out or if you were going to a mall or a crowded so as they won’t get lost.

77. Write your phone numbers on your child’s arms in case they were lost and someone found them
78. Build castles of sand with your kid.
79. Look for a suitable tree so you and your child would climb.
80. Allow your child to help you wash the family car.
81. Do not over-react about how untidy your child's room is, after twenty years you will not pay attention to this matter that much.
82. Try to resist the temptation of saying to your child: "You're too small to understand this."
83. Encourage your child to praise God before and after meals.
84. Do not allow your son to eat bad meat.
85. Plant something with your son.

Boost their self confidence more: 

86. Try to stay in the house during the night of the feast to celebrate with your children.
87. Give your child a chance to make popcorn.
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 88. Make your son take a ride in a police car or a fire truck if you could do so.
89. Do not make a huge difference between the way you treat your son at home and the way you treat him in public or outside.
90. You are not required to give the chance to your son to win you every game. Not everyone should always win!
91. Let your children bring you breakfast in your room on your birthdays or during mother’s or father’s day.
92. Pay attention when you see the signs of stress and pressure on your child (Nightmares or unjustified anger, etc.)

Esteem Building Series Part 3 - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

93. Make sure to ride a bike with your child.
94. Apologize to your child when you are wrong.
95. Always communicate to your son words such as "I know you can do it.”
96. Play intelligence games with your kids from time to time.
97. Teach your child that all human beings make mistakes and it is not necessary to be perfect to get the love of others.

98. Give your child money to save, let them put it in a money box and give him the key.
99. Make sure to let your child learn swimming.
100. Don’t miss chances to attend parenting and education seminars.
101. Do not make fun of phobias the child may have (such as from spiders, or high places) because that would have a negative impact on the child.
102. Ask your child to help you between every now and then.

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