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Esteem Building - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

Part 1

Esteem Building, Low Self Esteem

1.     For esteem building, start with your baby the right way to avoid low self esteem at the very beginning. If you have a new born, don’t give him a silly name because it would cause him embarrassment throughout his life.

2.     Keep the best glow in your eyes when you look at your child.

3.     Avoid the phrase "Do this or else ..." as much as you can.

4.     When your work is conflicting with the family affairs, priority goes to the family. This is an esteem building rule of all times. 

5.     Do not waste time on assumptions such as saying, "What if?", "If I just  ..." while raising your child.

6.     To let your child be far from low self esteem, listen to your son's talk with all your senses. Don’t interrupt him or finish his sentence before he completes it himself. You should be concerned with every word he says because there is a sense behind it. The good listening to the child is better than to sit silent, waiting for your turn to talk. 

Esteem Building in Children:

7.     Do not worry about your clothes or your hair when your son playing with you.

8.     Teach your child the positive ways to overcome tension and keep his nerves.

9.     Do not expect your children to learn a lesson the first time you taught them.

10.  Spend as long as possible out of the house with your children where you see flowers in the fresh air.

11.  Make your kids tell you about fears or nightmares that haunt them.

12.  Do not make your child feel you underestimate his favorite puppet.

13.  For esteem building, never end your day with an argument with your child.

14.  Accept the fact that you are not an ideal parent. This reduces the pressure on you and your child.

15.  You need to realize that your child either cries for a good reason or may be just to attract attention.

16.  Always try to give your child another chance and encourage your child to try again

17.  Try to look at things from the level of awareness of your child from time to time.  Read also: What is emotional intelligence in children and how to develop it?

18.  Do not try to be very strict with your children so as not to let him feel any low self esteem. They will pass by a number of experiences that will put them on the first step of maturity, without interference from you.

19.  Let your child play with planting pots and cooking pots from time to time.

20.  If you do not find the words to express your feelings to your son, hug your baby tenderly. This is enough to say everything and magical for esteem building.

21.  Do not harass your child frequently with feedback if your style of comments is not enjoyable.

22.  Celebrate your child success even if this success is in average grade.

23.  Appreciate the value of receiving small gifts from your kid.

24.  Remember that being a parent sometimes needs you to love things you were not interested in before.

25.  Record the ridiculous and fun things that your child says; because that would be the source of enjoyment to both of you in the following years.

Raising low self esteem:

26.  Leave the room’s light lit if your son was afraid of darkness.

27.  Do not make each meal a "clash of wills" between you and your baby. You must sometimes give up.

28.  Remember that every child needs to eat candy from time to time.

29.  Don’t say the word "impossible" to your child

30.  Choose a role model for your child as much as you can because that will maximize his spiritual values ​​over his lifetime and help raise any low self esteem.

31.  Do not make comparisons between your child and other children.

32.  Accept your child as he or she is.

33.  Try to learn something from your child to enhance his esteem building.
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