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How to make your child smart? Psychologist Recommendation

Parents are greatly responsible for their children's education and upbringing and being smart, and the dream of every mother and father to see their child clever and superior.

Here are 6 secrets to make your child smart advised by a psychologist to help you to make it happen:

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Secret # 1: Always talk to your child

Most children learn one new word a week at the age between 18 months and two years old, and about 50-100 of words when they reach the age of two years. The Super Psychologist say that, according to the mind of children, the more you speak with the child, the more words they learn. The psychologist recommends that you talk about your day to your child every day, or tell the child what you're doing during the day, which is an effective and efficient way to get your child acquainted with a variety of vocabulary.

You can also read books to him and try to imitate the sounds of different personalities by changing your tone of voice, which works as an attracting element to draw your kid’s attention to learn different words and expressions. Be keen to let your child always hear direct conversations and not through TV, for example, which is more beneficial to the child, and it also provides a human interaction feature to improve his linguistic skills.
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Secret # 2: Help your child to express himself and his feelings makes him a smart kid

 The emotional intelligence of your child is very important for the development of the his cognitive social development, his well being and being smart. You can help your child learn to understand the different expressions. Teach him how to express his feelings in different positions, including negative and positive. Let him express his happiness and emotions. Help your child to build emotional intelligence; this will accompany him throughout his life. Learn how to do this in detail in this article: 

Secret # 3: Play mind games with your child

Make play time with your child a time for the development of his mental skills. Play verbal or motor games to help him develop intelligence and focus his attention. You can play with him a game with rhythm to increase his ability to pay attention. Play some rhythms with your hands on a plastic surface, for example, and make him repeat the same rhythm. Buy puzzle games that develop the ability of observation and speed to improve his skills.   

Secret # 4:  Psychologist recommends to give your child the space to develop creative skills 

Give your child a place at home to practice his hobbies and play with his toys. Encourage him to spend time in creativity and exploration also makes him a smart kid. Pick a wall in your house and place a large paper on it and let your child paint on it, or you can bring him a blackboard and chalk, or any other means. Let your child release him imagination to invent and innovate in a special place of his own.

Secret #5: Appreciate him always and praise his efforts

Psychologists have shown that children work harder and tend to creativity and being smart when parents praise their efforts. Always make your child feel proud of what he has done even if you don’t like the result enough. Remember that he did effort to produce this work, and if you disappointed him, he may lose confidence in himself, while praise makes him develop his skills to get the best results. Experts proved that by following this way children acquire the so-called sophisticated mentality (which means that they come to realize that the more they try the better results they can make) rather than acquiring the  "fixed mindset" (i.e., the belief that they can determine what can be done in advance because of their intelligence or abilities).

Secret # 6 Point with your finger!

When your child is about 9 months old, he begins to follow what your finger points at to discover the surroundings and what you want him to view and to draw his attention to. Super Psychologist shows that children learn language faster if you point to an object- a truck for example - when the word is uttered. You can use this method to teach him the names of things around him. Read also: Eight activities for Kids you can do with them

Remember that raising an intelligent child requires from you some effort, patience, perseverance and sharing.

What activities do you practice with your child to make him smart and what of our psychologist advice you liked the most?

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