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Esteem Building - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children? Psychologist advise

Part 2

How to build you child self esteem?

Continuing our series of esteem building in children, we've collected the below easy to important but highly important tips and tricks to raise your child low self esteem as advised by a psychologist. You can read also Part 1 from here 

Esteem Building, Low Self Esteem in Children

Esteem Building: Psychologist advise

34. let grandparents spoil your kid a little, this is their work.
35. Avoid the phrase "Do this or else ..." as possible as you can.

36. Enjoy going to amusement park with your child.
37. If your son has committed a mistake, don’t make him feel he is a bad person.
38. It is highly recommend by psychologist that you do not give your child the opportunity to be a "tyrant" in the house; because this is unfair for both the family members and the child himself.
39. Listen to the birds singing during sunset with your child. 

Raise a confident child

 40. Let your child see small birds and baby dogs.
41. Let the first thing your child receive from you in the morning to be love.
42. Choose the nursery that your son will join carefully as you choose your new car.
43. Do not neglect taking photos or keeping the books of your 2nd and 3rd child because otherwise may give the impression that the first child is the most important.
44. Be proud of your children more than blaming them.
45. Explain to your children that certain behaviors are always unacceptable, but the person who did them is not.
46. For esteem building also, if your son succeeded in doing something, praise him.
47. Do not rush your child maturity.
48. Smile a lot, this will not hurt you, but will help you keep a warm relationship with your son.

49. Hang your kid’s drawings in the clear places. The doors of refrigerators are made for this purpose.
50. The Psychologist advises you to pay attention to what your son believe to be something important, it already is. Read also: Top 5 parenting mistakes modern parents do
 51. Appreciate good intentions of your child, even it did not lead to good results and deeds.
52. Make a grand ceremony attended by all members of the family and give each one a gift
53. Reduce the blame as much as possible so that children do not feel ashamed of their actions.
54. Never forget that you are the first and most important teacher in your child's life.
55. Visit the pet shop with your kid in order to develop his love of animals.
56. Allow your child to have his special secrets.
57. Allow your child - sometimes – to eat dessert at the beginning of the meal, not at the end.
58. Remember to drink hot chocolate with your child on a cold day, which help to enrich communication between both of you.
59. Do not make fun of fictional characters that are respected by your child. So he wouldn't have low self esteem of what he likes and dislikes. 
60. A psychologist recommended to Build a small tent in the living room to camp in it with your child some night
61. Accept the truth your child may let you down sometimes.
62. Try to take your son to the circus from time to time.
66. Say "goodbye" to your son always before you leave.

67. Sing a lot with your son
68. Always reply to your child's questions, do not make him feel that he is insignificant.
69. Do not try to force your son if is afraid to do something.
70. Do not make each of your children eat alone, but gather them at the family dining table. 

Hope you liked this article and psychologist advice in our series of esteem building in children and how to raise their low self esteem. 

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