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Learning Games for Kids

learning games for children

Many mothers ask when to teach and what to teach their child?! Learning games for children are very important as children learn through play constantly and anywhere! The best thing is to start to teach them when they start learn to walk, especially when he or she has active interest in the surrounding environment. As early as it may seem, and in the form of games, you can gradually begin to teach them colors, numbers, and letters. Of course, specially to organize the training process is required and the information the child can be made in various ways:

According to Colorado State University: through playchildren learn about themselves, their environment, people and the world around them. As they playchildren learn to solve problems and to get along with others. They enhance their creativity and develop leadership skills and healthy personalities.

Learning games through play and day to day interaction: 

• Make your own learning games through play. During the baby bath or washing hands together, you can sing to him all the alphabet letters

• Bathing toys and sponges can be wonderful tools for learning colors. Tell the baby what colors, shapes his bath toys are; 

• If the family already has school-age children, involve them in the process of teaching-games to the baby. Let the elder play with the baby to learn from them.

• When you play with the baby, ask them to count how many toys he has, and ask what him colors, shapes are. You can ask for toys arranged by color; Read also: Educational Games: how to encourage kids to study

• To help a child remember the letters, use the names of the most beloved toys first few letters: say, a letter, and then - the toy's name. You can then ask the child about what letter the name of the toy starts with.

• To learn them to count, at lunch you can calculate how much pieces of food on the plate, what colors of fruits are …etc.

• If your child likes learning games such as construction games, play together and ask him to sort the pieces by coloring together or arrange construction elements together. While drawing together, you can teach them colors the same way by asking them to sort the pencils by color, etc.  Read also: Esteem Building Series Part 1 - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

• If learning games are not available in a place you are with your child outside home and your kid explores something in the environment, make sure to tell him the object name, color and shape. Most importantly, the training should take place in the form of games to keep the child interested and amused. Read also: How to make your child smart? 

Go to stores and look for learning games. I prefer to ask mothers for their experience and the best learning games their kids loved and benefited from. Even cheap puzzles can do the trick. So don't have a false idea that you have to buy them expensive items to play with, but look for the quality and what they'll get out of their learning games. 

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