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How to get rid of fear with 10 simple steps? Psychologist advise

psychologist advise on how to get rid of fear

How to get rid of fear? Many people may have fears of certain things or situations. How to get rid of those fears according to our psychologist forever with the following few facts of life, tips and tricks: 

Psychologist advise:

1- Fear is the biggest psychological enemy of man. It is behind failure, diseases and bad human relationships. Love eliminates fear. By love, I mean the emotional state in which you feel mercy and goodness towards everything in life. Plunge in love with honesty, integrity, fairness, good intention and success. Live in the expectation of better luck and the best will come to you without a doubt.

2- You are born with only two types of fear; the fear from falling and the fear from noise and all other fears are acquired. Dispose of them.

3- Fear is a negative thought in your mind. Remove it now from its roots by adopting positive thoughts, our psychologist highly recommends. Trust and faith are much greater than fear, and nothing is stronger than faith in God and faith in goodness.

4- Natural fear is a good thing and unnatural fear is bad and devastating. Continuous indulge in thoughts of fear leads to unnatural fear, and obsessions that haunt the human mind and lead to psychological complexes.

5- You can overcome abnormal/unnatural fears when you know that the power of your subconscious mind can be reflected on your circumstances and direct the underlying desires of your heart into reality, psychologist says. Give immediate interest and dedication of your good intentions and desires which are the opposite of your fears, and this is the love that expels fear...

6- Do what you fear, and this will lead to the inevitable death of what you fear. Affirm to yourself “I am stronger than this fear.” Believe in yourself and you will oppress it. How to get rid of fear if also you  have a fear of not being perfect, this article will help you overcome this: What is the story of the bitten Apple? Why it has been selected?

7- Combat fear by flourishing its opposite in you. Repeat to yourself: I'm rich, I'm cool, I'm quiet, and imagine yourself in these states with real situations, and the results will be amazing.

8- Fear is the reason for the temporary oblivion in oral and written exams. Certainly, you can always get rid of this fear by always affirming that you enjoy a strong memory in everything, and imagine a close friend congratulating you for your success with vivid details, sound, and feelings. Continue in doing so and you will get all the benefits.
Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase

9- If you are afraid of water or swimming, swim in your imagination freely. Expose yourself to water mentally. Feel the cold water and your arms hitting water in the swimming pool. Make it a reality.
If you do this, soon you will get into the water and oppress it. This is the law of your mind.

10- If you are afraid of closed spaces such as lecture halls and elevators, etc., use the elevator mentally, and praised each of its parts and functions. Our Psychologist claims you will be amazed how quickly your fear will vanish. Read also: How to Love Yourself Again?

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