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Six steps to get rich from the book (Think and Grow Rich)   

 Most of the people think that the one have to make a great of effort to earn more and become rich. However, Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich has another point of view. He suggests that you need to change your way of thinking first if you want to earn money and become rich, and as soon as this status of organized thinking is planted in you, achieving your goal to become rich will become easier than before. Can you believe that?!

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In general people think that the rich ones are the one who owns a lot of money, while Mr. Hill in his book says that the rich one is someone who has the ability to work, and a sense of happiness, inner peace, strength, courage, wisdom, and of course money. All of these are forms of richness owned by man, and can be achieved by his thoughts first and then by work to have them achieved.

It took him 25 years to write the book Think and Grow Rich. Here's the amazing book story.  Once upon a long time ago since the beginning of the last century (the twentieth century) there was a millionaire named Andrew Carnegie (not the well-known Dale Carnegie), who invited a young writer to work for him for free!! But what is work? Mr. Napoleon was assigned to interview a large number of millionaires at that time to prove the point of view of Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie believed that the amount of knowledge studied at schools is not enough to make a person rich, while the school of life is able to give people the experience needed to become rich, and it was interesting that Carnegie agreed with that if his point of view is correct, Mr. Hill himself will get rich in the process of gathering information for the production of the book. (This is what actually happened).


How to get rich!

 This book is filled with ideas, but let me now share with you the wonderful six steps to become rich:
1. Define the exact amount of money you want to earn. It is never enough to say I want a lot of money, but say for example: I want to have my annual income to become $100,000

2. Determine exactly what you want to pay for this money in return, there nothing in real world that is called “nothing for something.”

3. Determine a date or a time limit you will be owning this amount of money.

4. Create a clear and specific plan to implement your goal and start immediately to put the plan into action.

5. Write clearly an overall sentence bout the amount you want to get, select the desired time, and what you are planning to give in return for this money, and finally clearly describe the operational plan to achieve your goal.

6. Read your sentence twice a day and loudly!

It is easy now to believe in the previous steps, and at the same time it is also easy to work on the previous plan. The only option here is your choice. I think you need to try it yourself!!

I highly recommend that you read the book “Think and Grow Rich “to get rich and to better grasp the above ideas. You can find it on Amazon, and enjoy your journey of becoming rich.

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