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 How to save money and become richer?!

Meet with our tricks that will help you to save money and live debt free, and teach you how to buy what you want, no matter how much it will cost.

how to save money

Do not buy it, just do not!                      

Before going to the supermarket, review existing food and household. Sometimes it appears that tea, cereals; pasta and so on are running out on your cabinet, while they are not. To save money avoid unnecessary costs, and go into the store and do not pay attention to the discounts and promotions flows. Let those goods for those whose homes have already run out. First of all, consume what is still left and then buy new ones. Otherwise, half of the products after the expiration date, sooner or later go out to the trash. Incidentally, the same can be said about the contents of your cosmetics. If your mascara is run out, then just buy one rather than shadows, powders and eye cream! To save yourself from climbing into debts, so use your cosmetics so wisely, they are enough for more than a few months.  Read also: 10 secrets to achieve success anywhere any time
 When you come to a large shopping center, take the basket, not the cart – which will immediately be filled to the top, although you came to buy only milk and diapers! If you confine yourself to the portable bag, you will buy only what you came for and protect yourself from unplanned expenses. 
  If you see 10 pairs of socks sold for 30 pounds beside one pair for 15, select the first option.  This product is used continuously, so the purchase of one pair is not enough. You usually buy two or more. Buy in bulk the essential goods, it's cheaper.  

How to save money and become richer?

"I like this” is not the correct assessment criteria!  
Learn how to save money. Do not buy one thing just because you like it. The result would be dozens of candles, photo frames, vases, etc. are accumulating on shelves. Many of these goods do not perform any function at home, only to gather dust on the shelves. If you see in a store a dish you like, take it into your hands, imagine how it will look in your home ... and put it back. Shortly, purchasing quickly becomes useless and boring . Read also: Six steps to get rich from the book (Think and Grow Rich)

A friend is not a good adviser 

 Avoid shopping with girlfriends. Only you know the things you need, what color, what size, etc. Generally, 80  out of 100 are poor adviser. 

Divide and conquer!  

Divide your monthly salary into two parts: 80 percent. "Living" and 20 percent “Dreams” (this money should be placed so that your eyes do not see). The money for the "living" Share to 4 equal parts, each week of the month. Go to the store to shop, take only that part of the week, not more. Even the richest people are spending much less than they could afford, and why you don’t do the same? 

Look over limits    

So your living standards would grow if you learn how to spend and save money. Let your “dream-purchase” be more expensive than your income 1.5-2 times. For example, if you earn $1,500, keep dreaming about an item that costs $2,400. Psychologists believe that over time, you will begin to earn exactly that amount! 
Successful People make money. It is not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do. Wayne Dyer 

Get a financial adviser! 

 To learn how to wisely spend and save money, download from Internet or buy a special computer program for calculating the family budget (AceMoney, CashFly, Cash, SPB Finance, Weblin Money, Cash Organizer 2004 Deluxe and etc.). Every night or once a week, enter information about your spending and get a "financial analyst" Diagram shows much money to run the Wind. " You will be shown easily goods that could have been easy to give up. And do not forget - money attracts money!  

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