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How you can be a happy person?

What Psychologists say about the story of the jug and the cups

How you can be a happy person? Let’s do the jug experiment together. Bring a jug filled with water and some empty cups. 
Imagine when you wake up every day, you begin to pour in each cup the duties and responsibilities of this day. Each cup requires from you energy, dedication and effort. For example, you start by filling the first cup (the cup of your children) from the water in the jug by waking them up to school, preparing breakfast for them,  washing them up, driving them to school, etc. and their cup is full… that’s great. 


Then you go to work, and so you start to fill up the work cup… until it is full. Good job!

Then comes your spouse’s cup, the household cup, cleaning, washing, cooking, managing household, etc. then you go back to the children’s cup, homework, studying, other activities and you start to fill it again.
You did a lot of quite good job filling those cups. Then comes your time to sleep, and your jug is empty!
How do you think it will be refilled again when you wake up the next morning?  What about the day after tomorrow? and the one after it ? 

How you can refill it as recommended by psychologists?! 

When the jug is empty or has little, you become distressed, nervous and you feel the responsibility is a huge burden on you, and you lose pleasure in what you are doing.

Becoming a happy person

Many people think if they go out without their kids, do some shopping, go to a salon, a spa, have a massage or take care of themselves in any special way, they would be refreshed and can fill their cups all over again with the same energy. But unfortunately in most cases they do this and they don’t feel any difference!
Psychologists say that the idea is that each one of us can be energized and recharge his battery in a very different way. Many people actually don’t know what really makes them happy

Let me tell you a story of my friend who had this problem until she did some technique that helped her a great deal which was advised to her by psychologist specialized in discovering the very talented people. He asked her to write 100 things she loves most and she feels happy doing. It took her, of course, a lot of effort to do this because she almost forgot what she enjoys the most because she had been dedicating her life for her kids, house and husband for too long. After a lot of effort she managed to write 100 things. When she showed the list she came up with to the psychologist, he started to cross out things until only 10 were left. He asked her to continue adding to these 10 to reach 100 again and asked her not to repeat something she wrote before. .

After this exercise, she had 100 things in her list that she enjoys doing that she didn’t even know they make her happy or maybe she forgot that.

She started to add things from this list in her daily schedule and in her weekends. After a month she found herself doesn’t feel any effort, stress, or nervousness any more. She became a calm, cool, happy person!  She started to feel like she is playing, and it comes to her mind a lot of ideas to make her daily life much easier and she had a lot of free time and became a very happy person thanks to the psychologist who helped her discover herself.

Where to find inner joy?
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