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 The 52 and 17 rule: Who said success is in hard work?!

 Work smarter, not harder!

 Have you met or encountered before that person who is never stressed or desperately busy and yet he achieves more than anyone else? Can you also be that kind of person? The Answer is always Yes, if you know how.

 The habits of productive people and employees have been studied, and that amazing ability to get things done has been discovered. This secret might surprise you, because it turned out to be repetitive effective breaks!

An average has been found out that the most productive people work for 52 minutes, then they take a break for 17 minutes before returning to work again. Employees with higher productivity rates do not even work eight hours a day, but they work smarter with frequent breaks. The idea is to work with dedication in the 52 minutes work with intense effect on accomplishing tasks and making progress, and then rest to get ready for the next round. In other words, they work with a purpose, while during the 17-minute break they are completely removed from the work they do, they are completely resting, not looking at their emails every two minutes or just quickly checking their "social networks!"

There are biological facts that also behind this rule. We, as humans, were not built to sit on one chair for eight hours or to concentrate for eight hours at a time. Don’t forget that you are a human being, not a machine!  So the best way is to take breaks, which are also good for your health.

In fact, when your mind is refreshed, you come up with ideas that can make your job easier and smarter. You can at that time, enjoy your life more, have a lot of time to be creative, go out, be more productive, get promoted, etc. I used to work very hard in a full time job. When I changed, first my way of thinking, and second started to appreciate and respect myself enough to change this way, I came out to realize that some work procedures can be modified and some other can be dispensed with. My job started to get easier and more flexible. You just need to take the decision and the rest will come.

An important question now, is how to take your break "seriously?"

1-    Don’t look at your smart phone or a computer. Never!
2-    Make some little exercise in the office, or go take a walk around, smell the fresh air to clear your mind and get your body moving
3-    Go out to the balcony of your premises and look up to the blue sky so your eyes would rest
4-    Go out to a near park or a garden. Let your eyes, brain and soul enjoy the scene of flowers and the green land. This has a very heavenly effect on your brain and soul as well.
5-    Socialize with your colleagues (not about work), which is always make you a happier person at office.
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6-    Eat something healthy to increase your energy levels.
7-    If you have to stay on the computer for some reason, then watch a funny video about animals, or check photos of beautiful landscape and birds. This also can have similar effect to refresh your mind.

The amazing thing about this rule is that it can be applied in all aspects of life.

It is worth noting, also, that a human person cannot be 100% productive for the whole is not humanely possible. So rest assured and don't over worry for concentration is like a muscle: It needs rest to be able to function, and it should not be overworked.

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So start stake serious breaks this week. The results may surprise you.

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