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The power of forgiveness: How it liberates and heals!


 One of the major obstacles to the development of man is resentment that comes out of abandoning forgiveness!
Resentment = Remembering resentfully the wrongs suffered = rancor.

Forgiveness is not a luxury but a necessity.

 God knows our hearts, our difficulties in this area, which is why he wants to help us to experience the liberating power of forgivenessForgiveness is really the key to our relationship with God and people. The spirit of forgiveness can do miracles, conquer the hardest hearts, restore broken homes and change the most desperate situations. 

So start to grasp this glorious privilege to forgive others as God forgives us. With such a powerful action multitude of lives will be released, brothers and sisters will be reconciled, bodies would be healed, souls will be saved. 

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