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8 activities for kids you can do with them!

Mothers usually enroll their children to many activities for kids, in the club, home and others, but what about you? Do you practice with them any kind of activity? I know that it is difficult due to time constraints and the multiplicity of responsibilities, but your children have a right to spend some time with you as well.

To help you spend the most beautiful times with your children, Super Psychology proposes some of the activities for kids that you can do with your children, and enjoy them together.

activities with kids

Best activities for kids:

1. Coloring

What is the problem if you bring sketchbooks and colors, and sit all together coloring. Be creative in choosing what to draw on a large piece of paper and color it. Don't just give them guidance, but engage with them in the activity and you'll notice your children enjoying their time.

Check out coloring pages websites for coloring printables  like It has nice coloring printables collection. Your kid will love one of them.

Coloring objects also is fun like coloring eggs in this video

2. Dancing

Dancing is one of the most activities that help spreading positive energy, play the favorite songs for your children, and dance together, and you will be surprised of the vitality that you will feel.

3. Cooking

Cooking basically is one of your own activities, but have you ever thought of involving your kids in the kitchen as one of activities for kids? You can agree on preparing dinner together, make them do the safe chores, such as preparing tableware, peeling vegetables or stirring salad, and of course, they will love to eat what they have prepared themselves.

4. Reading

There is no way to get your little ones to love reading than reading with them. Bring stories and begin to read to them. They will love your voice imitating characters, and of course it will be different experience for them if you read them a book about animals or plants, and you may learn new interesting information you didn't know before. 

5. Bicycling

One of the best activities for kids and I must admit that I love cycling so far, one of the very favorite activities for kids, why not sharing this pleasure during your presence in the resorts or the club.

6. Science Experiments:

Science experiments are also one of my favorite. It is fun to do them, and they will learn also about objects, physics, etc if you want your child to grow really smarter. But be careful if your child is too small not to do them alone, you need to watch for their safety.

 Try these interesting science experiments shown in this video!

7. Play hide and seek

This classic game which is being inherited through generations and young children always love. Play it with your children and be the one who is looking for them, and you will feel that you have returned a child again full of vigor and vitality.

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8. Activity of their choice

The seventh activity you can do with your children is one of their choices. Ask them about what they would like to do. It may be a game they learnt at school or an activity they did with their friends; you can also invite your spouse to share the fun with you.

And what about you? Do you practice one of these activities with your children? Do you have a special activity you love to practice together?

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