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Work Life balance: like a clown keeping balance with his balls

You need to keep work life balance to be able to live a happy life with yourself and with your family. To get work life family balance, imagine yourself throwing balls in the air and then trying to catch all the balls without falling.

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    Keeping balance with the different life balls

The top five balls in your life are: work, family, health, friends and spirituality. Always remember that the work ball is a rubber one, which if fell to the ground it will come back to you at some time, while the rest of the balls are made of glass, if they fell down, they may break. (If they fell, repairing is always possible, but try your best to keep balance with these things is always a smarter idea we recommend to you do)

    Work ball:

Jobs come and go all the time. So do not let your worry about work affects other aspects in your life. Here are two tips to help you organize your time during work busy days schedule:

- Take advantage of the company's policies and labor law especially for women in regard to vacations and permissions.

-If you are a mother, don’t make work the first priority in your life. There is no harm in some compromise. For example, enjoy the role of an administrative officer instead of clinging to the dream of the presidency of the department.

    Family ball:

No matter how ambitious you are, be sure that the family is the one will stand by your side if everything collapsed around you. To keep balance, make sure you can determine what is important with your mind and your heart. Many mothers bear the full responsibility of the family alone without involving her children and her husband, then they end up complaining about the size of responsibility and no one cares. You should have that you learn how divide responsibilities to family members and make house rules so that all family members be happy. 

     Health ball:

In the middle of a hectic day full events and responsibilities, some people may end up either ignoring their health affairs or postpone them. But in fact, your health is very important and you are responsible to pay attention to it. If you imagine for a moment that your day routine is more important than your health, ask yourself how your day could be without your health?! Your health is like a car, do not let it go without fuel.

   Friends ball:

Your friends are present in your life at all times. You can rely on them as you rely on your family. Strive for being with them and support them as they support you, not only in responsibilities and burdens, but also in raising morale and mental state.

    Spirituality ball:

Make sure to fill your heart with faith and recharge your spirituality as you manage your life roles. Feeling that you are not alone in this world and you do not have to save it will send inside you a sense of tranquility. Communicate with your Creator who always take care of you while you take care of your family.

    Life balance Prescription


To summarize, here are small prescription of tips that will help you balance the various tasks:

            Arrange your priorities, and don’t overburden yourself with things above what you can handle, or with many simple tasks that others can do.

   Express what is inside you! If you need help in balancing your different roles, talk with your spouse or your friends. You have all the right to ask for help and they have all the right to hear you.

    Sharing with others is a sign of love. Share the responsibility with your family, divide roles, each one's role in the family and bearing responsibility will help your children deal with the difficulties of their own life.
Remember well, you are also important. Your health and psychological condition are of the utmost importance priorities. Without them, you will not be able to play with the other life balls.

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How do you develop a balance in your life? Do you have suggestions? Share with us your opinion.

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