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How to find inner joy?

How to find inner joy? Psychologists say happiness or Joy is not having fun. You can spend the whole day having fun with friends, but when you close the door of your room, you do not feel real joy. Inner joy and feeling good about our lives requires us to seek it. We need to train ourselves from the inside positively. We need to stop comparing our lives to the lives of others and to do the following steps:


How to find inner joy ? Psychologist Keys to a happy life

1. Gratitude

By focusing on the happiness of others you may forget to feel and count the blessings that God has given you. Joy is to begin to feel grateful. This does not happen only when things are going as you want. Our mission is to maintain this sense on an ongoing basis. How?

Train your eye to see the positive things in everything and in all the people you meet in your life rather than focusing on errors and shortcomings. These are keys to a happy life. Pay attention to the number of times you react negatively, criticize or complain. Get used to give thanks. Thank people who are giving you any service. Try to focus on what is good. This does not mean not to locate faults, but to deal with them objectively without offending or reacting emotionally. 
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2. Awareness

Look around you. Have you stopped appreciating the life around you? Have you lost your sense of awareness? Do you rejoice with people and things? Do you live your moments to the fullest? When we experience the fullness of life and open our eyes to see the colors of the sunset, and we hear a child laughs, smell the home dinner, we become more aware of the blessings that we have been granted and we feel a great inner joy. Even in prayer, are you aware that you only recite without meditation and focus on the meanings of words? Everything around us is a blessing; the sound of thunder, seeing lightning, rainbow, and fruitful trees ... the message is that we cannot allow life to pass near us without touching it. Joy is waiting for us if we allow ourselves to stop for a moment, thank and appreciate what we have instead of lamenting what we do not have. Let’s learn to rejoice with simple things!

3. Giving

Those who give the most are the happiest. By giving, you don’t have to give only money! You can give love, smiles, mercy, honesty, helping others, wishing good for others and all mankind. Give from what you prefer to be having and you will have more of it. Don’t cross this world without tasting the joy of giving. Try to make a difference. Real joy grows in us when we know that we have left a beautiful imprint in this world. Remember that God has granted you Life, and the world is giving you air and all what you need every moment. Giving is the law of life and happiness.  Read also: Sometimes you need to say “No”! 

As we said, giving does not only mean donating to charities and strangers in need. Our families and our friends and our spouses and our children ... their hearts are wide open waiting to fill them with love. Giving can be a bright smile in times of distress, a reassuring hug at a time of anxiety, a listening ear at isolation, loneliness and despair, an encouraging word when things look bleak. Tenderness and giving is a positive energy to help other people to see things from a different perspective. And when you see the impact of what you do, you will feel a real constant joy, psychologist says. You have made the world better by living in it.

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