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Esteem Building - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

Part 5 

Esteem Building Series Part 5 - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

Raising low self esteem in children:
132. Find alternatives for your child when possible.

133.Make your child confident and raise his low self esteem by letting your child record the reply message in the answer machine device (after you listen to it first of course).
134. Watch together recordings of your favorite children's programs when you were young. This would give you both a sense of change and gives you material for comparison and discussion.
135. Give your child the chance to have his own garden.
136. Let your child attend the funerals of his beloved ones because this will help him to recognize the meaning of the sense of loss.  
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137. If you're going to have a new baby, allow your child to take part in collecting the baby’s belongings and contributing to the development of a plan to deal with his coming brother or sister.

138. Why you do not do what you say? Try always to abide by the values you teach your son.
139. Give your child his private key.
140.  Let your child take part in the conversation between you and his teacher. Secrecy make the child feels that you are both plotting against him.
141. Do not make your fears and lack of confidence in government be transmitted to your son. Instead, plant and strengthen faith in God in both of you.
142. Teach your child how to plan for the future. This can eliminates low self esteem from roots.  
143. Introduce your child to others in social events, and do not behave like he doesn’t exist.
144. Do not show your child that only what adults are doing worth attention. This is a good way to raise a confident child.
145. Learn how to read your baby's body language as well as to know how to respond to them.
146. Remember, you should not force your child to go to bed if he doesn’t want to. Read also: 7 tips on how to make your child sleep alone 

147. When your child is talking to you, try to focus your attention to him so he feels you are fully focused.

148. Do not make your child a pressure tool in any struggle between you and your partner.
149. Be fully aware of the changes resulting from the birth of a new baby and his status between your children.
150. Whisper in your child’s ears sometimes; because that makes them feel he is close to you and have shared secrets with you.
151. Do not make the way you deal with your friends better than the way you deal with your child.
152. When your child shows dissatisfaction with the nickname you call him with, stop using it immediately.
152. When you are absent from home for some time, leave your child boxes of the given number of days to open one box every day of your absence to find out one of the surprises you prepared for him in each one.
153. Give your child the chance to invent his special "pizza" and add to it what he wants from additions.
154. Do not exaggerate being proud of your son’s ideas.
155. Do not tell your child you hated school when you were young.

156. Keep in mind that kids are just like adults. You have to know this fact and don't let them feel low self esteem.They may also suffer pain and grief when there is something painful. Try to support them during that period.
157. Do not be afraid that your daughter learn karate. Such sports teach children poise, tolerance, self-confidence, as well as self-defense.
158. Do not rely on school to do what you should do.
159. Make sure you set enough time to correct your children’s errors because some errors can be corrected immediately and others require more time for the child to learn a new behavior.
160. Follow the open-door policy with your children, but leave them the opportunity to have their private affairs.
161. You should emphasize the need for progress to your child, but not the need for perfection.

162. Allow your child to have a "pizza" on breakfast sometimes.
163. Let your children know your dreams and your hopes for the future.

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