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7 tips on how to make your child sleep alone 

7 tips on how to make your child sleep alone

My friend was talking to me about her life and how she finds it difficult to get her child to sleep alone, and despite her trials, her kid soon comes back to her in the middle of the night to sleep next to her, and here I wanted to give tips for mothers and others who suffer from the same problem. Read also: Violence on TV and your child, what should you do?!

How to make your kid sleep alone:

First: Get rid of electronic devices
Move all devices from your child's bedroom, such as TV and computer. These things drive your baby crazy, and prevent him from sleeping. Taking into account that the light in the room has to be dimmed, which stimulate your baby to sleep.

Second: follow small habits
Get your child to follow some simple habits such as a warm bath before going to sleep, teeth washing, bedtime stories. All help you to prepare your baby to the sleeping position, and lowers the level of tension in your child.

Third: Leave the room gradually
Make sure to get out of the room before your child falls into sleep, so he doesn't get used to that.  So you start to leave your child's bedroom early in a gradual way. 

Fourth: Calm down his fear
Your child is expected to find a monster down his bed when you leave the room. So take a tour in the room with your child before you leave it to give him a sense of safety. 

Fifth: check on your child
Certainly, you promise your child to check on him from time to time while he is a sleep. Make sure to delay this visit gradually. Try not to make it less than 5 minutes at the beginning.

Sixth: Explain the reason for your child
If your child surprised you in the middle of the night and returned to your room be firm with him, just tell him that you need him to sleep in his room, and clarify for him the reasons that he has grown and now he needs to sleep in his own room.

Seventh: Reward your child for his good behavior
When your baby sleeps alone, reward him for his good behavior so he get used to repeat this behavior all over again.

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