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Esteem Building Series - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

Part 4

103. To enhance your child's self-confidence,  If you borrowed anything from your child, we must give it back to him

Esteem Building Series Part 4 - How To Raise Low Self Esteem in Children?

104. Improve self confidence in children by understanding that parental relationship with each other is not less important than their relationship with their child; because this will give him a sense of what must be the relationship between family members.
105. Things expressed by your child and what he talks about a lot make you realize what represents a great value for him.

Improve self-confidence in children
106. Allow your child to decorate his birthday cake himself.
107. Do some voluntarily work for the school where your children go.
108. Explain to your child that it is normal to go through a difficult day sometimes.
109. Celebrate national holidays with enthusiasm, so your child understands that value of patriotism.
110. Put encouraging messages in your child’s lunch box.

111. Do not talk too much about the sacrifices you did for your child, but also talk about the fun you’ve had in doing so.
112. When you decide to enroll your kid to a new school or a camp, you’d better first visit the place with him to have an idea of what would be required from him. This would reduce his sense of fear and leads to build his self-confidence.
113. Perform religious rituals with your children.
114. Make your child prepares his bag himself when you go to a trip together.
115. Teach your child a type of secret codes.
116. Make sure to record important events in your child's life in a personal or a family diary with photos and videos.

117. Tell your child that you are proud of all of what he is doing and not only things he does in a good way. 
118. Do not let your child’s acts that implies his love to you go unnoticed.
119. Try to develop your child’s talents.
120. Teach your child what it means to be a good neighbor, and how to treat his neighbors correctly.
121. Help your child to start collecting holiday decorations himself.

122. Leave work early and unexpectedly from time to time; to play some fun games with your child. Read also: Violence on TV and your child, what should you do?!
123. Take your child to the house where you grew up to make him share the sense of when you were in the different stages of your growth.
124. Let your child participate in taking care of you when you are sick (and when your illness is not contagious, of course)

125. Teach your child how to accept compliments and reply to them.
126. Do not compromise in dealing with your son fears. You must take them seriously.
127. Prepare a meal or a private dinner in honor of your son from time to time
128. Go to the public library with your child to browse books together.
129. Go with your child to watch children's plays from time to time.
130. Read the writings of your son with interest in the smallest details.
131. Make your child choose the presents he will give to others.
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