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Top 5 Mistakes in Parenting

Today I want to talk about the 5 most common parenting mistakes. In my opinion, they are the most dangerous mistakes modern parents do, which are dangerous for relationships and both the mental well-being of parents and child. So, what are these? And what can be done to abandon them once and for all?


Parenting Mistake No. 1:  Excessive concern for his reputation

 ("What would people say ???") Too many parents are too puzzled about the opinion of society about themselves and the child. Hence, quite often there are parental decisions dictated not so much of love for the child, but for of the sake of reputation. But the point is that other people in the long run ... do not care about how many words your child already utters,  your daughter has a braid or a simple ponytail, etc ... And even if someone suddenly pays attention to the possible delay in speech development of your child, be sure that exactly in 10 minutes, he will forget all about this. But you will not forget !!! You may begin to think of yourself as the most irresponsible mom in the world. In the evening, all your sadness and grief may result in dissatisfaction with  your spouse or someone else, and the next morning you are likely in the most disheveled feelings you immediately go with the child to a specialist who would say with a smile: "Mom, calm down! Everything goes on as usual. This is a false alarm. The baby develops absolutely normal. "
What can be done to correct mistake No. 1? Worry less (but better not to worry at all!) about what others say (or think) about you and your child. The best indicator of the level of development of your child - is your heart. Smart Moms (and you are surely one of them, right?) Always knows when to be alarmed, and when to just wait a little bit ... and let nature take its toll. Of course, the waiting does not apply to critical situations, when it comes to the health and safety of your child! It is certainly better to be safe than to wait at least a couple of seconds. Listen to yourself, your baby and your heart! From this excessive concern about our reputation (and the reputation of the child) often follows Mistake No. 2.

 Parenting Mistake No. 2: The eternal attempt to change the child 

Why trying to change the child pointlessly?!! We were not given such right! So throw all those doomed attempts to remake your own child. Focus better on his strongest and most beautiful side! What can be done to avoid mistake No. 2? Accept the child for what God has given him. Encourage him to voluntarily develop and grow. Change yourself and work on yourself, to serve as a compass for your child on the road of life. (Forget about idealism ... It does not exist!)

Parenting Mistake No. 3:  Parental perfectionism

"My baby is here and he should be a top child..." A familiar story? If so, congratulations, you are distancing yourself every day and your child from the harmony in the parenting relationship! Don't give your child a list of obligations and burdens, and that he must appear like a shiny Christmas tree! Yes, all sorts of achievements are great. However, the qualitative result is the most important. You think that it would be good to let him do a maximum effort. But as a matter of fact each child has his own maximum because we are all very different. And is not that wonderful? The child is not an object of pride for the parent, such as a family estate on the banks of the river, or a person who has come into your life to decorate it. Results, achievements and so on should be aspired, but only if you are wise enough to prioritize them in your life and your relationship with the child. So what can be done to get rid of mistake no. 3? Just live and raise your child by investing in the best of relationships. And whether he will be perfect or not – this has absolutely no value!  Read also: How to make your child smart? 

Parenting Mistake No.4 . Abuse of authority

It usually occurs in the parenting life of every parent when the child's behaviors goes out of control. Beware of these moments! Not exactly the moments themselves, but your reaction to those moments. I know that the temptation to put the child in place is very huge. All kinds of tricks such as parental prohibition, punishment, intimidation, blackmailing, shouting, etc are inefficient and totally inhumane. Remember, all of these techniques work against you and the baby. This alone should encourage you to reflect and reconsider your approach to parenting. What can be done to correct mistake No. 4? Become a true mentor for the child and his eldest wise friend, who wants to listen and advise, and remember: a mentor, first loves and then teaches! Not vice versa.

Parenting Mistake No. 5: Orientation to the future

Oh Parents constantly think about what will happen tomorrow! When he will be born? When his teeth will be grown? The teeth are all out. When will he start to go by himself? he started. When he will cease to fall every 2 steps? When will he join first class? Which dress to sew on her prom? In which institution to apply? Where to hold the wedding? .. And still a lot of questions ... Although these are important questions certainly, we forget something else very important: to live here and now! Rejoice that he is what he is now, he no longer falls, he claps with his hands, his first 10 steps. Sit side by side and numb with happiness when he can finally can write the word "MAMA" ... From these moments is our parenthood and happiness, isn't it? Of course, you should think about the future, dear parents. But think about the future - not to live it! We will never wake up in his tomorrow.  What can be done to get away with mistake no 5 ? LIVE TODAY! Sculpt a snowman today. Pick wild daisies today. Bake cupcakes with cinnamon today. Build a tent of the chairs and curtains today. Sing children's songs and read them stories today. Hide behind the trees in the park and feed the pigeons, too, today. In fact, there is only this moment and this day. Spend them next to those you love! Learn to act now correctly, and in the near future bring them to a whole new level of harmony. Read also: Top 5 parenting mistakes modern parents do

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