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  How to encourage kids to study: 7 study tips and Creative Ideas

1-      The first among study tips is to choose with your child the best place to study. To encourage kids to study of course it is necessary to be find a calm place to concentrate with good lightening, and with best place here we mean a place favored or loved by your child. For example, your child may love a certain corner in his room. Leave him/her to choose where to put their desk, and if your child is new to school and does not prefer studying on a desk, do not force them. They may like to study in the living room, or even in the balcony. Leave them to choose what they like.  You want to encourage them to study, not to pull them away from it. 

2-      Make small colored cards and write down on each one of them an activity or a game your child loves, and give it to your child. Promise him that in the case of receiving a high grade, or finishing his homework in a timely manner for example, you'll award him/her with what in the card. Until then, let your kid keep the card with him/her to feel that you are serious about the matter, and when you bring the gift to him/her, take the card. But do not do this frequently so they doesn't study for the sake of the gift.      Read also: Eight activities for Kids you can do with them

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3-      One of the biggest issues a mother faces is whether she should sit beside her child while he studies, or leave him/her to depend on himself.  In fact, super psychology has a solution.  When study time begins, start reading a book or newspaper in his room but far from him, or in the lounge and make the door of his room open so he can see you. Hence, your child will feel safe that he'll find you when he needs you. Also, you and his father will be his role model in terms of commitment, and he will grasp the idea that reading time is a sacred time for everyone, and he won't feel that he is the only one that has to stay away from TV or playing and go to study.

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4-      Make a list with your child of the number of homework assignments of the day. Whenever he finishes a task, let him mark on it with a colored pencil. One of the biggest reasons that make children afraid from studying is having enormous homework that doesn't end quickly. But this list will make him feel he has to finish fast to color the entire list.

5-      Have a race with your child, this is one of my favorite study tips. Tell him that the one who finishes first is the winner. Set your task to be cleaning for example, and his task is to finish his homework, and the one who loses should buy the winner a present. Read also: What is emotional intelligence in children and how to develop it?
6-      Praise your children for the right things they do. This is one of the best ways to ignite the enthusiasm of children. So don't ignore that.

7-      Link what your children learn at school with the day-to-day transactions such as scientific lengths and weights by working in the kitchen with you. Show them the amount of a kilo and a half kilo, the length of a meter, and for example, how it is similar to the length of the kitchen.. and so on. If you have more study tips that were not mentioned, write them in a comment below. 

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