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Violence on TV and your child, what you should do?!

Children And television Violence

Scenes of violence on television have increased alarmingly in recent times. Violence is no longer limited to action movies only, but it extended up to animations, music, videos, commercials, and of course the news. It then became difficult to avoid this huge amount of violence; especially it is being broadcasted on television 24/7. The question that should be asked now is what the impact of this violence on children is, and how to avoid the violence that is broadcasted to our children?

Of course there are a lot of benefits of television. It may be a source of the education of some fine skills. But it is also a source of violence inside your home if you kept your child to most TV programs and movies. Then you have to be careful of what your child is up to on television and at some point to prevent him from watching. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not to allow children under the age of two to watch TV at all, while children older than two years old to watch it from 1 hour to 2 hours a day. You should pay attention to the content of the scenes of violence, especially given the negative impact it has on your child.

The impact of violence, which is broadcast on television on your baby

Research has shown that children who are exposed to scenes of violence on television are more likely to show aggressive behavior, and a sense of fear of the world around them and describe it as “frightening”.

Here are some tips on how to deal with violence that is broadcast on television and its management so as not to affect the child.

How can you manage the violence broadcasted on TV in your children's lives?

Explain to your child the consequences of violence..
 You may hear your child says when he watches a violent movie "but there is no blood" in order to continue to watch the movie. Then, you have to explain the real consequences of violence, indicating to your child that it is not realistic that people will survive from violence without consequences.

Watch for the content that your child is seeing on TV all the time

 Do not let your child spend long time watching violence on television. The more time he spends in front of violent content, the increased impact it will have. Check on what your child is always watching in general, where the prevalence of violence - as I mentioned earlier – has been included in almost all the shows on TV. 

Teach your child how to resolve disputes

Most children know that hitting a person on the head is not the way to resolve a dispute, but the child may resort to the so-called verbal violence, such as the use of bad words, and so on. And then you have to make it clear that verbal violence is also a kind of violence. So teach your child how to use words in a responsible way to defend himself and the others.

Learn about the classification of the content your child watches

Many of films and programs put a warning that it is not appropriate for children. Make sure you know whether the content that you let your child see is suitable for him or not.  Read also: Eight activities for Kids you can do with them

Some tips by age group

• Children from the age of 2 to 4 years: Make sure to keep an eye on animated movies they see. We often see violence in such films. Make sure your child in this age is not seeing anything indicating physical abuse as a means of settling disputes, for example, because he may imitate what he sees.

• Children from the age of 5 years to 7 yearsThey can see some violence in cartoons, but not serious imaginary one. Make sure not to let them watch violence that lead to death or serious injury, for example.

• Children from the age of 8 to 10 years: be careful not to let them watch movies that includes fights with swords, fire, or blood.

• Children from 12 to 11 years old: can watch history shows, for example, which include battles, clashes and duels - but is not recommended that these scenes contain killing or severe injuries in a close way.
Eventually, make sure to explain to your child the consequences of violence if he viewed violent content.

Do not leave your child alone in front of TV for long hours. Be a watchman on violence on TV and what is broadcasted  in your home.

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